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Hydrogen Sulfide - H2S USA 8 + HOUR

H2S can be combined as a Confined Space Competent Person Class

Exposing yourself or your  employees to this toxic gas can lead to injuries both long and short term. 

Industries included are oil and gas industry, sanitation, sewer, waste disposal, farming, agriculture, grain industries.

This course exceeds the training requirements set forth by OSHA and the ANSI Z390.1 standard. Course topics include: 

What is Hydrogen Sulfide

Toxicology & Risks

Chemical Properties

Physical Properties and physical effects

Emergency Procedures

CPR Rescue Procedures

Combine with SCBA orientation, Fit Test, Medical Evaluation

Respiratory Medical Evaluation

SCBA Orientation, Mask Donning & Doffing, Proper Maintenance

SCBA Physical Active (dead man drag of coworkers, 17 second donning)

Portacount 8038 Fit Test

Overview & explaining of Respirator Plan & Training for Summit OSHA Standard 1910.134

Training Policy / The initial qualification process to use a respirator, including SCBA, requires:

Medical evaluation that includes the an OSHA Respiratory Medical Evaluation Questionnaire.

Fit testing.


Demonstration of proficiency

We can provide SCBA kits if you do not have SCBA kits.

Please plan at least 8 Hours