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Competent Person Trenching and Excavation 

Tenching Shoring Competent Person

Confined Space & Competent Person Trenching

All trenches deeper than five feet are required to have means of protecting the worker in the trench. Various methods exist such as shoring or benching of the trench to prevent a cave-in onto the employee. Training will cover the necessary requirements for this activity. This course will describe in detail OSHA’s Standard - Subpart P - Excavations.

This course includes the definitions to this subpart along with specific excavation requirements, requirements for

protective systems, soil classifications, sloping and benching, timber shoring for trenches, aluminum hydraulic shoring , alternatives, and the selection of protective systems.

A few important facts… Many people don’t appreciate the weight of soil. One cubic foot of soil weighs between 90 and 140 pounds. Just one cubic yard of soil (27 cubic feet), weighs between 2,430 and 3,780 pounds.

The "Competent Person" OSHA requires that a "Competent Person" is present on a job site whenever workers are exposed in an excavation. There are two parts to the definition of a "Competent Person."

OSHA goes on to say: "When applied to trenching or excavation operations, the ‘Competent Person’ must have specific training in, and be knowledgeable about, soils analysis, the use of protective systems, and the requirements of this standard."  

                      The Objective of training To help prepare you to serve as a "Competent Person" on a job site. The responsibilities of a "Competent Person" include: 6. Visual and manual tests of the soil (1926 Appendix A)

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